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    InDesign not rendering: beachball endless summer of death going crazy help

    scott olling Level 1

      I have a completed ID document that is having an issue: this page gives me the beachball - I can save out an .idml, but ID crashes when I do it, and when I reopen, it goes to beachball. This is ID 2015 CC on a late-model iMac.


      Each item except the two fades are links. I have tried moving the links: no difference, even though I got the relink alert; I have tried not updating and updating.


      Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 4.04.55 PM.png


      Any suggestions or fixes available? On a bit of a deadline here … 36 page document.


      Problem started when I set the color type at the bottom to Multiply - was specing the type with the Eyedropper and FOOM - beachball attack.