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    Draw to Illustrator

    Brian Stoppee Adobe Community Professional



      Is the work you do on your iPad, with Adobe Draw, really vector art? (It looks more like a Photoshop painting, doesn't it?) When you export your Draw project to Illustrator (Ai), you can see how intense the line work is that you created. It's a "I did that?!" experience. If you don't know how to export to Illustrator, we'll discuss that next. For now, here's the end game. When you open your Draw art in Ai, choose View > Outline. Your painterly art drops out of Preview mode and the vectors are revealed. As seen in the comparison below, the line work is quite impressive. (View > Preview gets you back to where you were.) So, how is this useful? When creating this much vector art, some little things go wrong. We were able to zoom into a few spots and do some clean-up and refinement. But, it's also the means by which your iPad becomes your electronic sketchbook, and Illustrator becomes the toolbox which turns your sketch into a finished masterpiece.