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    Fulfillment Server not connected?


      I have downloaded DE app to my iPad (IOS vers. 10.2)

      I verified my ID and a recently downloaded book appears in the library - so far so good

      But when I click on the book to read I keep getting the error message 'Digital Editions could not connect to the fulfillment server

      please make sure you are connected to the internet'

      Confirmed internet connection multiple times but still get error message

      Refreshed library content - same error message

      Wondering what can be done?


      EBook reads fine on my desktop vers of DE but not on iPad


      Please help!

      many thanks,


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          rwtrrdmn570513 Level 1

          Hi Kurtmeister. I was never able to get around this problem either. Finally threw in the towel and deauthorized it on my ipad, deleted it, and installed Bluefire Reader (free) instead. I've had no problems downloading library books to the ipad, even though I downloaded them to my Kobo Glo via PC using Digital Editions.


          I struggled with the stupid iPad version for months... I don't know if there's a problem because the app is version 4.5.2, whereas the PC app is 4.5.3, but I don't care anymore! Bluefire isn't perfect, but at least I can read on my iPad again.

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            bigcolorfulman Level 1

            Many thanks for your straight talk answer - I have deleted iPad vers as well and have installed Bluefire

            Just don't understand how Adobe, a multi-billion dollar company, can't get this together

            Oh the humanity!


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              aminkus Level 1

              the answer to the problem is that there is no answer - and to your suggestion, the answer is getting rid of adobe digital editions and download the FREE bluefire app. A big THANK YOU