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    How Do I Achieve Correct Rotation Animation?


      Hello.  I'm not very fluent in After Effects, in fact I'm just starting to learn it, so would like some help. I want to create an animation of an image that goes from the top to the center, rotates once 360 degrees, and when it is finished rotating it moves to the left side of the screen. I tried a rotation animation that I thought should be what I needed to do, but when I go to move the image to the left of the screen, the image is at a 45 degree slant when it should be how it looked when it came from the top of the screen to the center. I am not wanting the image to be at a 45 degree slant.  How can I achieve the animation I want? Thanks.

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          I am guessing this is your issue: - Non Square Aspect ration settings


          in a case where you get distorted images in your composition (either with rotation or without) for example you draw a square with the rectangle tool and hold the shift key to constrain proportions and you get a rectangular instead of a square, or your imported graphics seem squashed or stretched, the problem is you probably you accidentally chose a preset that's not set to square pixels. more often than not, users accidentally choose the HDV preset instead of HDTV720/1080

          what you should do is NOT click the pixel aspect ratio correction.

          but set your composition settings to the right preset from the start i.e Square Pixel aspect ratio. if there are already layers and precomps and animation, it could get trickier to set everything back, there are ways to get around that too. if you render a file that has non square pixel aspect ratio, it could show the distorted version when you watch it, and even if your player do correct it - the stretching can cause some aliasing artifacts.


          so you actually need to change your composition settings from this:

          to this


          if this is not your issue please provide some screenshots so we can see what's the problem exactly.

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            Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

            Hi Mike Irvan,

            Sorry you had trouble with animating some footage. Did Roei's response assist you at all? Please let us know if it did or if you need more help.