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    [New to AE] Tracking a key in the background of a moving shot


      Now I've done plenty of normal keying work before but I've never used a key as a "prop" per say. Also its not a green screen...


      So we arrived on the shoot and I intended to have everything shot "in camera". We had a real projector that I was going to use to project an image on a white screen. Unfortunately luck was not with us that day and the bulb burnt out before we started shooting. I decided I would try and edit in the projection in post.

      Using Premiere I was able to achieve some success at keying out the background in the static shots.




      But then we have the final shot of the scene which features a character walking in front of the screen and a pan to the left. I've tried just creating key frames with the position in Premiere but the movement proved too jittery to look like the key belonged in the shot.




      Now I'm an utter novice at AE and I've been scouring for tutorials but haven't found anything that might help. I'm assuming this could be fairly simple but I'm drawing a blank. Maybe you folks could help?