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    desdemona   printing with epson r2880


      i have lightroom 6.3  windows 10.1 and an epson r2880

      I am having problems on getting the program and printer to print the correct size on the paper.

      I tell the program the cell size and choose the appropriate paper when going into printer properties making sure it was correctly shown. Obviously I carried out prrinting with a profile Lightroom controls colour etc. On the screen of the printer module it may say no paper or A4 and maybe another size which does not tally with whats been asked for.

      The printer properties may say print image A4 outgoing paper A4 or if I ask for a 6x4 image to print on 6x4 paper  it prints like its on an A4. I cannot get it to print A3

      The printer has the latest driver and Lightroom it fully up to date. What is a fault here the printer programme or am I missing the obvious? Help