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    Can I have unique dangle properties for unique items on same puppet?

    RockyDavies Level 1

      Hi!  I've been gone forever, but I'm back and trying my hand again at learning this awesome program.  I've built this new Patrick puppet:patrickpuppet.png


      So far, things are working pretty great with him, but I still have a lot to learn!

      One thing is how to get different areas to have different dangle effects.  For example, the current settings are to accommodate his bandana tails.  They have a nice little sway to them when he moves.  I like it.  However- now I want to add a little movement dangle to other areas like his back pan, his belt, his fork, spoon, pizza.  When I add the dangle handle to those items, the same wind and gravity settings are applied to them.  If I adjust it, it also adjusts for the bandana tails.


      How can I effect these items differently or independently of each other?  For some, I kinda want a rattle effect more than a dangle.  Like the back pan, I want to kinda sturdily rattle around when he moves instead of a squashy feel.  I want the pizza to feel more gooey and springy.  Is that possible?