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    Download problems


      Is anyone else having a problem with ADE recently.  I have used this to download EPUB books from the library for a few years, and suddenly before Christmas it stopped downloading, I am getting error messages, and the book never gets to my computer folder. I have uninstalled the program then reinstalled, different versions (3.0 and 4.0) and still it does not work.

      Any one have  solution?

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          davidm9506298 Level 1

          Well yes, exactly. It worked at the end of 2016 and now it doesn't. I've reinstalled Digital Editions and reactivated my password but when I download an Adobe .acsm file from my public library I get a new error message: Adobe1.png


          My library suggests contacting Adobe. So far I've only found my way to this forum. I selected "troubleshooting" in the support tree but so far have only found the statement  "phone support not available." I see no chat support. Does Adobe respond to these issues? I'm a bit skeptical about forums as a support mode but I'll check back here occasionally in case the discussion advances.


          Wish us luck,

          David M.

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            I have the same problem.  Just wasted 40 minutes waiting for live chat at Adobe.  Finally got a rep who said that they do not have much info on ADE and my best bet was to post the issue on this forum.  I also get an Error! Check Activation message.  I would love to know whether uninstalling everything and starting over with a new Adobe ID has worked for anyone.  That is the only thing I have not tried yet.

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              I'm having the same exact problem. Spent over an hour waiting for live Adobe chat just for them to tell me they couldn't help me and to resort to these forums. I check the forums and NOTHING. I'm pissed. I would not recommend buying a product that must run through Adobe again. I am still searching for how to download my eBook for school.

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                normab53111149 Level 1

                Super frustrating for sure, and I don't know of other options to download from library sites.

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                  lindat77153069 Level 1

                  After reading another blog, I uninstalled the current version of ADE 4.5.3. Deleted the Adobe Adept key from my computer (google "Adobe digital edition woe" for instructions on how to do that). Downloaded ADE version 4.0. De-authorized my computer. Rebooted my computer. Downloaded a new book from the library and, upon trying to open it, re-authorized my computer.  Much to my amazement, it worked (be patient, it took the book an unusually long time to download and open).  Good luck.

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                    Mama Burch

                    it doesn't help. I'm really fed up.

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                      normab53111149 Level 1

                      Wow. This worked for me. I have windows 8 . Cross fingers it keeps working.Thanks for your help. 



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                        normab53111149 Level 1

                        Well that was short lived, it no longer works and this fix doesn't work any more either.  I try to download a library book and it either freezes up ADE or it just doesn't install to ADE, the library is blank.