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    Uploading problems


      I am new to this program.  I have been struggling with uploading my photos to my adobe stock account.  It says my files resolution is to small.  How do i fix this problem? How do I get my photos to meet the correct technical settings in ordr to be uploaded to adobe stock?  If you have any information on how to change my image resolution please comment and let me know, thank you.  

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          shashinjin Level 2

          Your image must be 4MP minimum. Take the width of the photo in pixels and multiply it by the height to find out how many megapixels your image is. For example, 1500 x 2000 = 3,000,000 i.e. 3MP which is too small.


          You need a camera that takes 4MP or more photos and you need to make sure that it is taking maximum resolution in the camera settings.


          But if you have a camera that takes, say, 6MP and you crop it too much, you might drop under 4MP.