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    Shopping Cart without Payment Option

    homeboy4 User Group Manager

      I am looking for a shopping cart without a payment option. I saw another thread describing a restaurant option but that it too specialized. The site in question includes pictures of fairly expensive art items. Visitors can peruse a galley of pictures and text (just as if they were looking at pictures of clothing at Macys.com) with "an add to cart button" next to each item. The cart would essentially be an email to the site owner expressing interest in the particular items. Although free would be good, a paid solution is fine, but without a payment gateway, I'm not looking for a solution that includes a monthly fee.

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          Preran Adobe Employee

          If I managed to capture your requirements correctly, what you need is a gallery widget.


          gallery – Adobe Muse Widget Directory


          You can display all items without an option to sell them.




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            homeboy4 User Group Manager

            If I understand the gallery concept correctly, it's about displaying items. That's fine. The first part of this would indeed be a grid of thumbnails. You click on a particular item and get a larger picture along with some text. But on that same screen I need a button that says "add to cart" as in a traditional shopping cart. When someone clicks on that button, the system adds that item to a list. As people continue to view items and make selections using the "add to cart" button -- they are added to that list -- just like a shopping cart. After they finish adding items to the list, they "checkout" -- which in this instance would just be sending the list of items to the site owner, rather than proceeding to a credit card purchase subsystem. That is, all the traditional functions of a shopping cart without the actual ability to purchase.

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              Preran Adobe Employee

              Ah! I see what you mean. I don't know of such a widget myself. If you haven't already, These are the widgets that are officially supported shopping cart – Adobe Muse Widget Directory  and I don't see the kind of feature you are looking for.

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                Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

                the fact of the matter is this would need some kind of deal between you and whomever controls the shop at the back end... the shop and cart tools go to your cms eg, shopify and they take over from this point.

                as you discribe it there are other issues to think about because custom code can do it but there is also payment tax which has different rules in other countries... I would start with the slideshow widget to display products then just add a custom button to send, say a email, when they want more details but any shop system will not be a free option so it you don't want to pay $ for a sub to manage it then walk away now.

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                  Hi I am looking for the same, did you find a solution after all?


                  I want a kind of  format with a list of product that you can select; and at the end you don't have to pay anything but the owner of the website receive an e-mail whit the list of products you had chosen.

                  Is there any way to do this?