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    13x19 borderless printing issue with Lightroom

    mghphotographer Level 1

      I'm having a nightmare of an issue trying to print on a Canon Pro-10 printer a 13" by 19" borderless print onCanon Photo Paper Pro Luster LU-101.  Every time I try print it only around 8 x 11.


      13x19 photo problem.jpg


      I'm using a MacBook with MacOS Sierra 10.12.2.  I'm trying to print from Lightroom CC release 2015.8.  I'm printing from the Print Module with the following settings.

      - all margins set to 0

      - cell size 12.95 in by 19 in

      - page background checked - set to white

      - profile managed by printer (although on previous prints I've had the Canon LU-101 selected)


      under page set-up

      - format for Canon Pro-10

      - paper size A3+ 13"x19" 33x48cm borderless


      Under the Apple Printer&Scanner preferences

      - default paper size set to Super B/A3 (previous attempts set to A3). There is no A3+ option.


      FYI, I was able to get it to print borderless in Photoshop CC release 2017.0.1.  I did not change the Apple System Preferences.  I picked the same paper size.  The only extra step that I had do here is under the Scaled Print Size I had to select a height of 13", otherwise the scaled to fit media would leave approx. 1mm border at the top & bottom.


      Please let me know if any additional information is required.


      Thanks in advance for your assistance

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          Randy Hufford Adobe Community Professional

          I solved the problem by having one of my machine still having OS 10.11.6 El Capitan. Also I am still on Lightroom 2015.7


          My main job is printing so i never upgrade OS or program until 6 to 12 months after release. If it is not broke do not fix it.


          I have another computer where i test newer versions, but I always have a machine that I do not upgrade once it is working. I have one of my machines on a PC chip.


          So you can call Canon technical support and see if they can fix their number is (800) 423-2366 8 to 8 EST


          Canon gives free support for the life of the printer.

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            mghphotographer Level 1

            I was finally able to solve the problem after another attempt.


            I must admit that the printer setting dialogue pop-up is less than stellar. Not sure if this is a Mac setting or something from Lightroom.

            They key to the solution was the following under the printer setting dialogue:

            - select paper handling under the pick list (default is layout)

            - select A3+ 13"x19" borderless under the destination paper size


            Saved this as a preset