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    button and hyperlink problem

    gert verrept Level 2


      Problem: in the above doc, I created buttons (on the left side "commissie ..."). When clicked another frame (right side) opens with some text. In that frame the hyperlinks don't work (all links point to different DOC 54 ....). What I tried, is to create a hyperlink on top of the right hand side frame, each time I found a DOC 54 ... hyperlink. This works fine, but .. the link stays active even when the text frame is hidden and another frame is clicked. In order to see this, click on "commissie voor infrastr...) and follow the link for DOC 54 1253. Afterwards click on another "commissie ..., the text will change, but even if DOC 54 1253 is invisible it is still working.

      Makes sense because nothing triggers it to "not working when invisible". Is it possible?