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    Lightroom 1.1 from 2007

    cherprice33 Level 1

      Hello!  I am a new photographer and somewhat new to Photoshop and Lightroom.  I am not serious enough to commit to spending the $$ on PS/LR CC right now.  I came across an old PS7 a while back and am successfully using it.  About a month ago, I came across the FIRST LR edition in a thrift shop for just $20!  I was super excited.  I have taken both the LR and PS advanced classes with Shaw academy and have the basic knowledge of both.  My question is:  does adobe still support LR 1.1?  I was hoping to update the software but have been unable to do so.  When I go to the help tab in LR and click the check for updates, it tells me the version check was unsuccessful due to either my internet connection (which is fine) or the server containing the version data is not available at this time.  I was really hoping to update because I would like to be able to import my .CR2 files to work on.  Any help, suggestions and guidance is greatly appreciated!  Thank you in advance!