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    Error message: "Could not complete your request because the path is too complex" when creating 3D object — AI to PS


      I had a friend trace an image for me (as I'm new to tracing) and he sent it to me as an AI file:



      I then duplicated it to 2 layers. For one layer, I delete all the inner detail so am left with just the outline of the image:

      1. cutter.PNG


      And for the other layer, I delete all the outline so that I'm left with just the inner detail of the image:



      I want to copy and paste both images to Photoshop as a path and then in the create new 3D extrusion from it so that they convert into 3D objects:


      After doing this, I would assign a different height to each layer. The cutter layer will be taller because it cuts through the cookie dough, and the stamp layer is shallower because it only stamps or imprints the dough. Then I would merge the two layers so they are one 3d object.


      I can copy & paste the "Cutter" or outline image, and then convert it to 3D without a problem.



      But my problem comes with the "Stamper" or inner-detail image. I can copy and paste it to Photoshop as a path, but when I click create new 3D extrusion from selected layer, it gives an error message that says "Could not complete your request because the path is too complex."



      From Google searching the issue, I found someone say there was a bug a few years ago where really simple paths (like a triangle, for example) could cause that error. But apparently it was fixed with a newer version. I have the latest 2017 version of Photoshop.


      Out of curiosity, I tried copy and pasting just the eyes, and still get the error message:



      To try to figure out why it is causing this, I made a test image which has a bunch of random, complex lines and dots in it:



      And I am able to copy & paste this image to Photoshop without getting the "complex" error message:



      The Youtube tutorial I am following: Barnacules Cookie Cutters with Illustrator & Photoshop - YouTube is able to copy & paste over his image without getting the complex error.


      What makes my image give the complex error message, and what can I do to correct it so I can transfer it to Photoshop?