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    Clear form including annotations


      I'm having an issue with the Acrobat Reader V16.4.

      I have a quite a few PDF files which contain fillable forms.

      The user fills these and then uses the share button to send the file using the email app.

      Afterwards the app is closed.
      During this proces the app always seems to save over the original file; there seems to be no "Save as" button (the files are saved locally).

      This is not a major problem as I would use a button to clear the form.

      This button does what it should (albeit slow) but it does not remove annotations however.
      I've tried both the action "Reset a form" and a small javascript, both work on my PC but the app still only clears the fields and not the annotations.


      Is there any way to get such a solution to work or should I look for a different one, and if that is the case what would be a good solution?