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    Finding dimensions of an externally loaded image

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      Hi Everyone,

      I'm loading an external .png file into a movieclip using loadMovie, but
      don't want it to show if the image dimensions are greater than 250x85.
      To do this, I have a movieclip (usaLogo) acting as the container for the
      image. After loading the image into usaLogo, I try to get its new dimensions
      (which should be those of the external image), but still get the original

      Here's the offending code:

      trace(usaLogo._width); // returns dimensions of movieclip, not of image
      if(usaLogo._width >= 250 || usaLogo._height >=85){
      usaLogo._visible = false;

      Could it be that the image hasn't finished loading by the time the next line
      of code is read? Also, is there a better way of doing this?