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      How do you all categorize your photos, is it only me that feels the lack of different categories?



      Where do i put a photo of a blue wooden bench against a red wooden wall with tons of orange autumn leafs over it and on the ground around it.

      There is no category for objects and things, i cant find a suiting category for this type of pictures.

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          MaBi69 Level 1

          Another example:

          In what category would you put this photo?


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            MatHayward Adobe Employee

            Use your best judgement. The categories are intentionally vague. Very general guidelines. To answer your question, the boat image I would use "hobbies and leisure." The bench with Fall leaves I would probably use "plants and flowers."



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              shashinjin Level 2

              The key thing is to remember that categories are high level organisational terms. They are intentionally broad. It's keywords that really define the image and, of course, help other people find it. The description and category help with that obviously, but keywords are where the real detail gets added.


              Categories are much more open to question too. For example, I would use "transport" for MaBi69's picture. At the end of the day, there's sometimes more subjectivity to categories.


              Adobe could do with running a spell check on those category names: "Graphic Ressources"? And I suggest moving the "s" from the end of "Transports" to the end of "Social Issue"

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                CarlinPhoto Level 1

                Yes, the typos (that have been that way for months) are very strange. It's a 2-minute fix for a web developer.

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                  shashinjin Level 2

                  2 minutes with a 1 minute 45 second tea break

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                    Is there no place that gives a vague explanation of the category meanings?  IE: Graphic Resources.  To me that kind of says, graphic backgrounds, etc.  but who knows?!  So bokeh Christmas shots, I don't know to put in Graphic Resources or Culture and Religion.  Or are you saying, it really doesn't matter so long as you keyword well? 



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                      MatHayward Adobe Employee

                      Either category you suggested would be OK in my opinion. As you mentioned, your keywords are the ultimate way your content will be found. I won't go so far as to say the categories are irrelevant but they do not have nearly as much importance as your keywords. In particular, your first 7 keywords.



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                        brandyi33897258 Level 1

                        Thanks so much!!