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      I don't know why it happened, but when I closed Photoshop it said 'save changes?' and I clicked 'yes'. The moment I opened After Effects to render my project, the body of my beaver appeared at another position than it should be. The eyes, mouth, eyebrows, dangling feather and fix points remained on the same place. When I opened Photoshop again everything was just normal. What can I do?


      Look at the pictures to see what I mean.


      Capture 2.PNGCapture.PNGCapture 3.PNG



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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Unfortunately this is an annoying sync bug. If I remember correctly, it happens when you add or remove stuff from a group and change its origin (middle), and some of the old parts get miscalculated with the old origin and get pushed out. On a new import it should display correctly.


          Personally when this has happened to me I usually manually drag the parts back in place in CH - take a while but worth it - or reimport the character if I haven't done much rigging yet.


          Sorry for the trouble. This should be fixed in an upcoming release.

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            chrisn14887705 Level 1

            I figured that when I do ctrl-z in Character animator, my character looks normal again. But when I open Photoshop, Character animator starts to update the file again and it's again messed up. In Photoshop I can't redo anything because I closed Photoshop, and an earlier (auto)saved version doesn't seem to exist on my computer.

            I guess I'll just reposition the body in Character animator, thanks for your answer.