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    In Quick Mask Mode: how to get a solid mask with the brush or pencil tool?

    anjat01 Level 1

      In Quick Mask Mode: when using the brush tool or pencil tool to mask certain areas, the tools do not provide 100% opacity, even if the opacity and flow are set to 100%. The masks are always somewhat transparent. That is a problem, because any adjustments I make to the rest of the image (e.g. brightness, blur, filters) are also applied to the masked areas to a lesser extent. My purpose of masking those areas is to isolate them. For that you need the mask to be solid.


      To work around this issue, I mask the areas first with the brush tool, then switch from quick mask mode to normal mode, select inverse, switch back to quick mask mode, and clean up the original masked areas with the eraser tool. But that’s way too time consuming.


      How can I get a solid mask with the brush or pencil tool?


      Thanks in advance for any insights!!!