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    Interactive PDF - Buttons in InDesign CC


      I am trying to have a box that when moused over, pops up additional text.


      I think I have my settings correct...the additional text (button 2) is in its own box and is converted to a button with "Hidden Until Triggered" selected. The original box of text (button 1) is also converted to a button and has these events added:


      • On Roll Over - Show/Hide Buttons - Show button 2
      • On Roll off - Show/Hide Buttons - Hide button 2


      It works perfectly in the preview. When I export to a .pdf with the Interactive Elements: Include Appearance and Hyperlinks both selected...it doesn't work. Button 2 is showing and does not change at all when button 1 is moused over.


      Any suggestions? Help please!!! (I am on Adobe CC, everything is updated)