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    Digital ID - configuration required

    hollyg84574524 Level 1

      I use several forms that were created in Adobe Pro and have signature fields.  The forms are completed by other people outside of our organization, then emailed to us for signature.  For the past 24 months, the signer has been able to touch the signature field, choose their signature, type their password, and sign the document.  All of this was completed in Adobe Reader DC.  Starting yesterday, when the signer touches the signature field, a box pops up indicating that a Digital ID Configuration Required.  If you touch "Configure Digital ID," you then have to search for the signer's signature file, enter the signers password, then select the signature file again, and then enter the password again to be able to sign.


      If I open Acrobat Reader DC and get into signatures, Adobe can "find" the signature files.  If I open a PDF file in Reader DC, I have the problem stated above - it seems like the program no longer "sees" all of the signature files that it used to see, and which are still there.


      How can this be corrected ASAP?

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          dougs3636804 Level 1

          My company has this problem as well across multiple users signing with Pro DC since the last update. The digital ID files are randomly being "forgotten". This is a huge pain as we sign multiple documents every day. This update needs to be rolled back ASAP!

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            meenakshin83966505 Adobe Employee

            Hi hollyg84574524,


            Could you please confirm if this issue occurs only in latest update of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

            Have you tried signing PDF with other previous versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC?

            Are you experiencing this issue only with the PDF's that are created in latest update of Adobe Acrobat Pro?

            Please try to sign any file that was created with previous version and check if you are able to sign.

            What is the OS version you are using?





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              hollyg84574524 Level 1

              The error was reported to me on Jan. 11 or 12, which I believe coincides with some update to Adobe Reader DC.  Our signers were able to sign without problem for at least 18 months, so older versions worked.


              The forms rums were created in Pro 10 and have been in use for at least 6 months without issue.   OS are Windows 8.1 and windows 7 professional.

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                dougs3636804 Level 1

                As another data point, we are generally signing with Acrobat Pro DC and are seeing the same error.  We've signed thousands of times (many users, many documents) over the past 8 years and have never encountered this until the most recent update.  This is under Windows 7, 8.1, and 10.

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                  PaulVAE Level 1

                  Same here, we use digital signatures in all aspects of our company operations and this is a real pain, became an issue first noticed upon return to work in January. Must be related to an update. This is affecting users on Reader DC as well as Standard and Pro Acrobat. Forms created are recent as well as several years old which have been used successfully until now. Really need a fix for this.

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                    marcomajo78 Level 1

                    Same here, we use digital signatures in our company quality system and this became a time wasting operation. Must be related to last update 11.0.19 included in latest Windows updates.

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                      dougs3636804 Level 1

                      The latest update, of Acrobat DC, 15.006.30280 did NOT fix this issue.  Sigh.

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                        buscherp Level 1

                        I too and several of us at our work is having this same problem.  When I go to digitally sign a PDF in Adobe Acrobat DC (15.006.30280), when I click on an unsigned signature field in a PDF, I keep getting a popup with a window asking "I want to sign this document using..."  I already have an existing digital ID saved on my computer (Windows 7).  Every time I get to this menu, I have to manually select "My existing digital ID from: A file", for the file name, click browse, select my PFX signature, hit open, put in the password, click Finish.  This FINALLY brings it to the "Sign Document" field.  It didn't use to do this.  It used to be able to click on the unsigned signature field and it would go straight to the "Sign Document" field with my name already select. 


                        I confirmed it does this on every computer I’ve encountered. If you open the PDF, click on an unsigned signature field, it keeps asking for the location (as if Acrobat keeps forgetting the location or something). HOWEVER - if you open Adobe Acrobat Pro DC first (not the PDF file), go to EDIT > PREFERENCES > SIGNATURES > and next to where it says "Identities & Trusted Certificates", click MORE - it will see the Digital ID.  If you close out and click Ok and open a PDF file and click unsigned signature field, IT WILL WORK (it bypasses the "I want to sign this document using..." and goes straight to the "Sign Document" window.  Yet, if you close Adobe Acrobat Pro DC open it back up and then open a PDF - it will not work.  It will ONLY work if you go in the Preferences and click ‘More’ next to "Identities & Trusted Certificates" each time.  You can always leave Acrobat running and minimize and open PDFs (or double click on them to open them) and it will work – ONLY as long as you clicked ‘More’ next to "Identities & Trusted Certificates" and haven’t closed out of Acrobat.  It is almost as if Adobe Acrobat Pro DC keeps forgetting the Digital ID location and going in the Identities & Trusted Certificates refreshes and reminds it.

                        This is incredibly annoying and needs to be fixed/patched.

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                          Adorobat Adobe Employee

                          Hi all,


                          Would you please try turning off the new UI (modern UI) from Preferences -> Signatures -> Creation & Appearance – More -> uncheck “Use modern UI for signing and Digital ID configuration”.

                          For testing purposes only and check if that fixes your issue. Let us know the result.



                          Appreciate your patience on this.


                          Thank You,


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                            hollyg84574524 Level 1

                            I tried this, but it didn't help.  Having unchecked that box, I touched the signature field, and I received the "Add Digital ID" box, which still requires me to go out and find my digital ID file. 

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                              dougs3636804 Level 1

                              I don't see that as an option in Acrobat DC 2015.006.30280:


                              acrobat hell.png

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                                dougs3636804 Level 1

                                Your suggestion regarding a change in settings inspired me to look a bit further.  I have a PDF with a signature block open in Acrobat DC, and when I click on the signature block to sign I get the expected "Configure Digital ID".  Exiting without completing this, I went to Preferences -> Signatures -> Identities & Trusted Certificates - More -> Digital IDs.  I do NOT see my certificate file listed.  If I drill down to Digital ID FIles I find my certificate file listed! However under "Status" it says "Logged out".  If I click the Login button in that window's toolbar I'm prompted for my password, and the certificate becomes available for use.


                                So it appears Acrobat is now forgetting the "Login" state of the certificates when the program terminates.

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                                  colecovizion Level 1

                                  I have the same situation as Doug where I get "logged out" on Acrobat DC. It's only started happening the last few weeks.


                                  Also, I am seeing the same thing happen for a user on Acrobat Standard XI.

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                                    hollyg84574524 Level 1

                                    Multiple users use the tablet where all of the digital ID files are stored, and they are all logged out.  I added myself to the list and logged in, but when I opened a new Adobe file in Reader DC from an email, all was lost, and the original problem presented itself again.  In addition to your suggestion not working for me, I am also concerned that such a "work around" by logging in manually is not a fix - especially when I have non-technical users who want to do the job as quickly and easily as possible.  Our IT guy and I have been all through the settings, and we haven't found anything that actually solves the original problem as of yet. 

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                                      Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                      The option is available in version 15.023.20056.

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                                        buscherp Level 1



                                        Unchecking “Use modern UI for signing and Digital ID configuration” is not an option.  That preference is not even available.  It is available in continuous variant of Adobe Reader.  The problem I am having is in Adobe Acrobat DC.


                                        Also, right-clicking on the Acrobat icon and choosing to “Run as Administrator” does not fix the problem either.


                                        I did a few other things to pinpoint the cause of the problem.  I did try this on two different machines running Windows 10 and they work.  This problem seems to only involve when running Windows 7 (I do not know about Windows 8).


                                        On the machines running Windows 7, I uninstalled Adobe Acrobat DC.  I then reinstalled it (it installs version (2015.006.30033).  I tested it out and it works.  HOWEVER, when I updated Adobe Acrobat DC to the most current version (2015.006.30280), the problem comes back.  It seems as though there is a Windows 7 issue with the most updated version of Adobe Acrobat DC.


                                        Could it be that Adobe Acrobat DC needs another updated patch to work better on Windows 7?

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                                          dougs3636804 Level 1

                                          This issue isn't limited to Windows 7.  We're experiencing it on Windows 10 as well.

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                                            nikoler4461811 Level 1

                                            I fixed mine by doing the following:

                                            Open up adobe or an adobe file. Click Edit > Preferences > On Identities & Trusted Certificates, Click More.

                                            Then on the left hand side, click Windows Digital IDs and there should be nothing there. Click Add ID > Import an existing digital ID > Next > then click browse, and you should see your existing digital ID. Enter your password and finish!

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                                              timk9396694 Level 1

                                              Our company is also beginning to experience this problem by more and more users. It all started just after the new year. All Windows 7 users, all running with automatic updates from Adobe.

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                                                buscherp Level 1

                                                Thanks!  That fixed it!

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                                                  buscherp Level 1

                                                  Thanks to nikoler4461811, here is the solution:


                                                  Solution (Windows):


                                                      In Adobe Reader DC or Acrobat DC, click on Edit > Preferences

                                                      Click on Signatures (to the left) and click "More" next to Identities & Trusted Certificates

                                                      In the Identities & Trusted Certificates Setting, click on Windows Digital ID (to the left)

                                                      There is most likely nothing in that category.  Click on Add ID

                                                      Select Import an existing digital ID and click next

                                                      For File Name, browse to the location where the user saved their Signature (usually saved as a PXF file).  Put in the Signature's password and click next

                                                      Finish with the set up

                                                      For now on, the Adobe program will remember the signature ID when opening a PDF file


                                                  Solution (Mac):


                                                      For whatever reason, when doing the above solution on a Mac - but instead of Windows Digital ID, you do Keychain Digital ID - The Adobe program will never save the Keychain Digital ID.  When you exit the Preference and go back into Preferences > Identities & Trusted Certificates > Keychain Digital ID - it will be missing again.

                                                      Instead, open a PDF with a unsigned signature field and click on that field

                                                      Adobe will think that there is not a signature created.  You will need to create a new one, but it will be done/saved a certain way.

                                                      Click "Configure Digital ID"

                                                      Click "Create a new Digital ID" and click continue

                                                      Click "Save to Apple Keychain" and click continue

                                                      Fill out the rest of the fields.  For "Use Digital ID for" select "Digital Signature and Data Encryption" and click Save

                                                      The Adobe program will now remember the digital signature on a Mac

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                                                    colecovizion Level 1

                                                    Unfortunately, this did not work for my system. I do have a Windows ID item already and it won't let me delete it.

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                                                      Jefferson Woodman Level 1

                                                      My organization is experiencing an identical issue:


                                                      1. Even with the presence of a previously created Digital ID, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC present the "Add Digital ID" prompt instead of the "Sign Document" prompt, although we can work around it by browsing to the certificate file, selecting it, and entering the password. While Acrobat DC is open, signing will then work properly until it's closed again.


                                                      2. Repeatedly, Acrobat DC seems to "forget" the signature added to the list, although the issue is intermittent: Sometimes, when browsing to Edit --> Preferences --> Signatures --> Identities and Trusted Certificates, the signature appears under "Digital IDs" list, and sometimes it does not. Our users typically have Acrobat Pro DC and Acrobat Reader DC both installed.


                                                      3. Setting or unsetting the "Use modern user interface for signing and Digital ID configuration" does not seem to have any effect.


                                                      4. We are running 2015 Release (Continuous) | Version 2015.023.20056.


                                                      5. I first noticed the issue on Wednesday, 25 JAN 2017.


                                                      3. This issue has created absolute havoc at our organization and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

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                                                        hollyg84574524 Level 1

                                                        Thanks so much, and this seemed like a good solution, unfortunately, it doesn't work for my office.  I have multiple users who share the device, and once the signature is imported to the Windows ID, the user no longer needs to type a password in order to actually sign.  This allows any user to sign somebody else's name.  Adobe needs to fix the Digital ID problem quickly.

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                                                          PaulVAE Level 1

                                                          Non of the solutions put forward here have worked, I have spent a week or so going through this with aqdobe support who could not resolve with usual setting etc. It has now been filed as a bug with their engineering people for the next update of the software to fix. Bug reference is ADC-4202129.

                                                          It doesn't do this on earlier versions of acrobat (we have a few laptops on site that I was able to turn automatic updates off before it updated and they work fine), so I'm going to try removing and installing to an earlier version for the time being till the bug fix is in place.

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                                                            marcomajo78 Level 1

                                                            We have same issue on Adobe Reader XI. From this morning few users detected during the signment the password is not required.

                                                            That's so strange..

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                                                              CharlotteB Level 1

                                                              We are experiencing this with Adobe XI 11.0.19


                                                              I will try nikoler4461811's suggestion to see if it works. 

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                                                                janwoe-techlady Level 1

                                                                I was so excited to FINALLY find buscherp's comment and hoped so much that nikoler4461811's fix worked for us.  I've been searching for a month now to fix this madness.  My users are not happy that every time they want to sign a PDF they have to navigate to their certificate and type in their password before they can sign!  Anyway, it appears that this fix works, per se, BUT since it no longer requires the user to put in their password to sign it creates a security issue for us.  We would much prefer to use their Digital ID and set it as the default for signing, but since the last update that is what ISN'T working.


                                                                I did notice that the Digital ID file does continue to be listed at Edit > Preferences > Signatures > Identities & Trusted Certificates > More... > Digital ID Files location but it shows as Logged Out.  Could that be part of the problem and somehow lead to a fix?  The Digital ID itself, however, keeps disappearing.


                                                                Has anyone successfully dealt with overcoming this issue?  Will Adobe put out an update to fix it?  It definitely appears that the last update (11.0.19) caused the issue.  We have been using this method for digital signatures for over 18 months without issue... until now.  Both Adobe Reader XI and Adobe Acrobat Pro XI running on Windows 10 are affected for us.


                                                                I NEED A FIX!

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                                                                  hollyg84574524 Level 1

                                                                  I agree with you - using Windows ID created a major security issue for my users, so it is not a solution for my organization.  I have tried to edit my logged in/logged out status, and that didn't have any lasting impact.


                                                                  I am so extremely disappointed that my organization has had these problems for a month and still there is no fix from Adobe.  This issue has severely hindered operations.  Unacceptable.  If there is no solution, Adobe should walk back the update and not release it again until the issue has been corrected.

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                                                                    janwoe-techlady Level 1

                                                                    PaulVAE, I would like to make my own report to Adobe about this bug.  Maybe if enough people point out the issue it will be resolved sooner rather than later!  What process did you go through to make the bug report to Adobe for resolution?  Email? Phone call?  Please provide the contact info and the process.  THANKS!

                                                                    • 31. Re: Digital ID - configuration required
                                                                      PaulVAE Level 1

                                                                      Called their tech support from the number on their manage account area of the adobe website. Spoke to a nice gentlemen who spent about a week going through settings and registry info to see if anything could resolve the problem locally, it did not, so he raised the bug on that reference number above.

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                                                                        kalamazandy Level 1

                                                                        I just wanted to add a little to this.

                                                                        We are having a similar problem, and Continue to have the same problem.


                                                                        We all sign documents here digitally in this way (and we all hate acrobat at this point). You can only sign one at a time, so we have documents split up into sections. And their online method just send the file one at a time to people, and if someone doesn't sign it just stalls on them. It's terrible.


                                                                        So what I realized. If I go to sign a document that I created, my signature is remembered after making sire it's there in the preferences.

                                                                        But when I go to sign a document from this person, on the same drive (so it's not that) the digital ID is no loner remembered. We have to find our ID, put in our signature, then put in your signature again. Since this takes longer it increases the chance that someone else will fail at the end because 2 people had it open at the same time. So speed is important.


                                                                        This kind of thing is just unacceptable for a software who's price is ridiculously inflated simply because it's what people use because regulations force them to. What is it now, up to 15 bucks a month, per person? So we can sign things, and add a page from word here and there? What a deal! *obvious sarcasm*

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