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    Acrobat Pro DC -- PDF reader suddenly very slow to open PDF files

    wesleyc23704001 Level 1

      I am a long-time Acrobat Pro DC user.  My system is a windows 10 desktop with a i5-6600k, 16gb ram, with a 256gb solid state hard drive (so I know my hardware is not the issue).   About two weeks ago, PDFs suddenly take 10 seconds or more to open.  It used to be instantaneous. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Acrobat Pro DC, and now, I can open the first PDF instantly, but if I try to have more than one PDF open at a time, the subsequent PDFs take over 10 seconds to load.  During my work, I open hundreds of PDFs per day so this adds an unacceptable amount of delay to my workflow.  I have tested other PDF viewers and they open PDFs instantly, as my Adobe used to.  Please help.


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