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    How to show only 1 page using a password and hide other pages in a multi-page PDF

    govrellic Level 1

      I have to email applications to 20 people.  Each application is a single page containing personal information for each person and four fillable fields.  I don't want to send 20 separate emails or password protect each application and attach as an individual file.  What I would like to do is combine all 20 applications into one PDF and send one email to the 20 people, but each person would only have access his personal application to complete and print.


      Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can accomplish this task?  I am slightly more than a novice with JavaScript, but I don’t know the best approach to accomplish my task and keep everyone's personal information secure.


      I am using Acrobat DC Pro and users are using DC Reader.


      All suggestions are appreciated!