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    Error code p1 (solved)


      I just phoned adobe support about not being able to download photo shop because I kept getting the (error code P1) and the agent automatically said that I would need the technicians team to sort it out and they would charge a fee of £69 + VAT.

      I said to the agent that there was absolutely no way I was going to pay this and told him that no problem, I just wont install photo shop.

      Instead I downloaded the (ADOBE CLEANING TOOL) and followed the simple instructions that was given and low and behold after running the cleaning tool I was able to download photo shop again, so if anyone else comes across the same problem as myself, I would recommend downloading the cleaning toll first, clean out everything to do with adobe, shut down the computer after it has completed and try reinstalling photo shop because I just saved myself a heap of money by doing so.

      Please like if this solves you problem too.