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    Electronic Signature Field Control, Process Flow


      I'm a software engineer and we are developing an AEM form using LiveCycle ES 4.  The form is divided in sections and each section requiring an electronically signed signature.  The form may have personal information that shouldn't be saved to any computer, but should be posted back to the server.  The person signing the forms' section isn't necessarily the owner of the personal information data.  I have an high level understand of the encryption and serialization process of the Signature Field control, but I would like to know more about the electronic signature process/workflow of the "Signature Field" control for AEM forms.  I'm wondering if any of the follow options are possible:


      1) Customizing the Signature Field control signature process to perform an alternative signature storing and verification process for a client

      2) Provide the code base for the control to be customized by the client

      3) Provide the actual workflow for the electronic signature process (steps performed by control)

      4) Provide actual technical documentation about the signature process