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    Problems with document topic conversion


      I have trial version of RoboHelp 7 and I have some problems when I try to convert topics from document.
      I made topics names in document and give them special style and make them hidden.
      But Robohelp does not reckognize these hidde styles. Other styles yes but this one no.
      I used this in documets with RH version 5 and everything was ok.

      What could be the problem?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          Not enough information.

          You have posted this question under webhelp but it sounds more like you are trying to import a Word document, is that the case?

          If so, can you not simply change the style before importing so that it is not hidden?

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            Tomo Mrvic
            Hi Peter,

            She ment that the document itself has some styles like anchors witch are set as hidden styles. You cannot see them until you activate Paragraph in Office Word. During generation of Web Help in RoboHelp 7 we mark the styles that the document is using but since they are hidden RoboHelp dont recognize them until we set them as visible ones in Word.

            If not recognized, RoboHelp failed to generate .htm pages based on these anchors. Everything works fine with version 5 and i am not sure if there are some settings that should be correctly set in order to get this problem solved.

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              This is not a practice I am familiar with. You talk about THE document, what document? Are you using RoboHelp for Word or RoboHelp HTML.

              Also please explain "activate paragraph".

              If you explain a bit more about the logic behind the way you are working, perhaps we can help you.

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                Karolina_Os Level 1
                I will try to explain.....

                So we have Word document (usually user manual) and we have to make Online Help.
                Text in word document is written with some style like text, Normal, Heading 1.... and text is visible, not hidden like some comments could be in text. When converting this Word document into pages in RoboHelp (for Word or for HTML) these styles are used (as I can not attach picture here is explanation):
                File-->Import-->Word Document-->Conversion options wizard(pick nedded options like Convert table of contents)-->Split on style wizzard - create new topics based on - and here is a list of styles used in document.
                Problem is that there are all styles but the one we need is not. I think the reason is that our style is hidden text and it should stay hidden. Reason for that is that we would like to have new page in half of some chapter and then there should be something for RoboHelp to make new page. Thats why we made this text hidden and style for such text is sx_anchor.
                The same I tryed in RoboHelp for Word.

                RoboHelp version 5 reckognized such hidden text and made new page and here it is not ok.

                You also asked what "activate paragraph" means. This is button in word "Show/Hide ¶"
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                  Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                  Could you create a simple document in English using just the essential styles to demonstrate this and email it to me?

                  You can email me via my site. Put the document into a zip file and include a few notes to guide me through.

                  Also include a link to this thread.

                  Are you preferring to import into RH for Word or RH HTML?