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    After Effects CS6 mediacore freeze every other launch


      I am having a really weird problem that I cannot explain why it is happening. When launching After Effects CS6, it will freeze on the loading screen showing "initializing mediacore" and then crash. When my user goes to open it up again, it loads fine without crashing. But then certain things like warp stabilizer don't work. When my user tries to use it, it causes After Effects to freeze.  This all happened when I erased a user profile and manually cleared out the cache directory and then setup a new windows user profile. So this is only happening on a machine that was once working but no longer working for a new user. I then disabled Windows firewall and uninstalled my Antivirus but it still fails. I then wiped the machine and reinstalled Windows but the same issue still happens. I don't understand why this is happening. Does anyone have any insight?