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    Upgrade from RoboHelp 8 to 2015


      1. We have RoboHelp 8 and Adobe Captivate 4 from years ago.

             We now have found out that there is a vulnerability in all RoboHelp versions and need to upgrade to at least RoboHelp 11.

             Are the old RoboHelp and Captivate file formats, structures, directory organization, etc compatible with RoboHelp 2015?  If not, how about RoboHelp 11?

             Are there instructions on how to do the upgrade such that everything remains (or is converted) for compatibility?


      2. Are the Captivate 4 files compatible with Captivate 9?  We use mainly SWF files.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          Indeed, things should still work without issue in RoboHelp 2015 Release. Although, you would definitely want to maintain a backup copy of your project for our dear friend Justin.


          As for the Captivate 4 files being "compatible" with Captivate 9, you may find that you need to have an intermediate version of Captivate to upgrade the projects. I've not tested myself, but I think the developers make it where you can only upgrade about two versions back.


          Note too that upgrading a Captivate project is sometimes troublesome and you find it's just easier to re-create the project as opposed to struggling with overcoming the issues introduced with the upgrading.


          Cheers... Rick