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    Uploading files problem


      I started a couple days ago.  I was able to upload 5 .jpg files.  But many are being rejected on upload.  I know all the files meet the minimum file size, so it must have something to do with content.  I have reviewed all the subjects that say they can't be used, and I have none of these in my photos.  I have tried several cityscapes from Budapest and Prague that were all rejected.  Interestingly, one of the photos of Budapest originally uploaded, but was rejected on review because of focus problems.  It had been done with Photomatix HDR software, I determined the judges do not like HDR treatment.  So I resubmitted the same photo without HDR (it is sharp) and now it is rejected by the upload software.  This is quite frustrating.

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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          Images are reviewed by our team of moderators to ensure they do not have any intellectual property violations and that the quality standards we have in place are met. We will accept some HDR but in general terms, less is more when it comes to post processing. You want to leave the most options for customers to work with your files as possible.


          You can read additional information about rejection reasons here: https://helpx.adobe.com/stock/contributor/help/rejection-reasons.html


          Reasons for content rejection

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            shashinjin Level 2

            It's actually not going to be helpful for you to make general comments about files we can't actually see. I suggest you post the images you feel are being rejected unfairly on the critique forum with the reasons for their rejection. That way, we can see if there are any issues that you don't yet have the experience to see.


            If you are intentionally adding HDR to your images before submitting them to stock sites, it's highly likely that, if you're not experienced, your images are not going to be what stock sites need. If you are experienced and know that HDR images are selling for you elsewhere, then you'll probably be more successful here if you actually write something like "with an HDR filter applied" in the description and add HDR in the keywords too.


            When I first started in stock photography, I had about an 80% rejection rate and it was an essential but humbling experience to learn that the reviewers are almost always right.


            Almost always

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              robertb51433246 Level 1

              Matt, my problem is not with the jury selection process.  My problem is that the upload software is rejecting the files before they even get uploaded for review.  I have read everything your website provides about why this might happen, and it is definitely not helpful.  As I mentioned, the files are all within your megapixel and megabyte ranges, so it is not a resolution or size problem.  That leaves content.  I realize the upload software is somewhat "content aware", so it is obviously making some judgements.  I just have no clue what they are.  I tried uploading a photo of the Budapest Parliament building (it's not on the NO list you've published) and it was rejected.  Again, this is not rejected in review, it's being rejected by the upload software.  I also uploaded 2 versions of a Budapest river scene.  The first was accepted for upload (it was HDR) then rejected in review because of focus.  It was taken handheld, and the multiple exposures don't always align 100%, so the HDR can be out of focus.  The second was the same scene, in a "normal" single exposure, and it was sharp.  The upload software rejected it.  I have also tried a couple photos of the Lennon Wall in Prague.  I did see that you require releases from the artists in "wall art" situations, but that wall has thousands- no way to get releases.  I know I have seen photos of that wall in ads for travel to Prague.  Anyway, I don't think the upload process is easy to understand as to what is actually acceptable.  Actually, I just tried to insert one of the images in this, and it said that image type is forbidden. The other one did insert.  Let me know why you think this is rejected before it's uploaded.DSCN3824-1.jpg

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                shashinjin Level 2

                well I downloaded the image you embedded in this post and was able to get it to upload fine and got as far as Submit for Approval turning green by adding a title etc.


                But the image was 2.4Mb which is below the 4Mb minimum so not sure if you embedded a reduced version or not.

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                  robertb51433246 Level 1

                  You are confusing size in megabytes with resolution in megapixels.  Here is the requirement:

                  Images (photos or illustrations)

                  • JPEG format only
                  • Minimum image resolution is 4MP (megapixels)
                  • Maximum image resolution is 100MP (megapixels)
                  • Maximum file size is 45MB (megabytes)

                  There is no minimum size in megabytes.  The file I uploaded is well over 4 megapixels.  It really doesn't make sense that you can upload my file, when I can't.  Perhaps their software somehow remembers my image, and knows that the original was rejected in review.  I guess the fact is I resent the fact that software is rejecting things based on content.  I would not take offense to a human rejecting it, but many of my photos do not make it that far.

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                    shashinjin Level 2

                    ha! Duh.... yes I am confusing the two.

                    I did wonder why it let me upload it when I thought it was under the limit!


                    Anyway, you could try clearing your cache or using a different browser and see if that works. Other than that, this is for the Adobe people to address.

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                      Kirsten Harris Adobe Employee

                      When images are rejected they are visible in your contributor account under rejected images. If you attempt to upload the same file again (same file name), it recognizes it as a duplicate and won't allow you to upload it. Please don't just change the file name and re-upload. This is considered spamming (submitting rejected files multiple times). I recommend you accept the rejection and submit other files.