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    Why won't ADE let me use the book cover as my thumbnail image in Windows Explorer?


      I always access my documents as well as media files through Windows Explorer and I like to use thumbnail images as it helps me to organize files visually so that I can see them and locate them quickly.

      I have noticed that unlike PDF, I cannot create thumbnail images in ADE, which is very annoying. I get these thumbnails of the book covers that I would like to use as the thumbnail image but it seems impossible. I get that ugly orange and black thumbnail image, which makes all my ADE files look identical in Windows Explorer and makes it a chore to locate an ADE file.

      Is it possible to fix this so that I can use the cover as my thumbnail image, so it can be seen in Windows Explorer? I've seen many complaints online and there still seems to be no fix other than writing code, which I really don't want to do as I am not expert at it.

      Please please, for those of use who like ebooks and Windows Explorer, please fix this!