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    PC Spec for Premiere Pro?

    Trevor_Asq Level 4

      Currently using an iMac 27" 5K with reasonable happiness and want to get a second room going.


      Any advice on what's important and not?


      I *could* build my own, but am tempted to buy a built to order machine - https://www.scan.co.uk/3xs/info/choosing-a-pro-video-workstation - is probably where I'd start. https://www.scan.co.uk/3xs/configurator/hd-video-editing-workstation-intel-core-i7-pc-pro- recommended is the 'HD' recommended model.


      I'd be tempted to up the RAM to 32GB and lose the 'Projects' drive (as I keep them on the RAID with media for easy backup).


      Anyway - those of you with the PC chops, please do fire away with recommendations & caveats - all appreciated. Even just add links to previous posts that cover the same ground if you know of them...




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