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    Face Tagging



      I am hoping that someone can help with an idea or solution to my problem.  I have scanned in my mother in laws photos and done the face tagging on them.  However, as I dont know everyone, I would like to be able to share the pictures with the face tagging that I have with her and other family members so that they can also tag people that they know.  I know that if I export the pictures, it will turn the tags into keywords, but not keep the tagging on the faces.  Is there any advice on something that would work ---Thank you in advance


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          Ian Lyons MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Sometimes, technology is more of hindrance than help.


          Why not ask your mother-in-law to review the photos and simply send you a list of the people in each photos (say from left to right  and top to bottom). That way you avoid any need for her to compare the photos and keywords, etc.