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    Limit to Publish Online Video Content?


      Hello -

      I have just stated creating an interactive PDF and want to publish online. My document has 11 planned demonstration videos to include. However in testing so far when I add more than 3 videos - the publish online feature hangs on 95-96% complete, and then I receive an error. When I eliminate videos, and bring the document back to just 3 videos (4-5 minutes in length, MP4 format) the document manages to publish online just fine and provides me with the URL so I can take a look at the progress so far.


      Is there a limit to the amount of space Adobe provides for Publish Online in my "Adobe Cloud" storage? Is the limit in InDesign Publish Online capabilities?


      If I need to purchase more space for handling larger interactive PDF's I need to know how to do that.


      Let me know anything you have discovered or know about this issue.