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    I can't export my image to my desktop.

    lukes46247691 Level 1

      As the title says, I can't export my image to my desktop.


      If I click 'Open in Photoshop' it fails every time.

      I have my iPad plugged into my Mac, I have Photoshop CC open, and I am signed into Creative Cloud on both devices.

      What am I doing wrong?


      Also if I click 'send to Creative Cloud as PSD' it fails every time too, I just get the message 'Upload Failed. Failed to copy to Creative Cloud. Please try again'.


      Please help, it's driving me crazy!

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Luke,


          Sorry you're having trouble; I know how frustrating it can be when your work won't send.


          One thing: You don't need to have your iPad plugged in to your Mac in order for Send to Desktop to work, so first thing, go ahead and disconnect. Also, you don't need to have Photoshop open; it should open with the artwork in a new artboard when you send, so you can keep that closed as well.


          A couple of things I want to check with you:

          * The naming of your project... Does it have any unusual characters? It it has  anything other than letters, numbers, underscores, go ahead and rename it.

          * See if your work is synced to Creative Cloud, a lot of times when saving a PSD fails it's a network connection, so I want to make sure that your work is actually saved properly. Log in, with your Adobe ID  to Adobe Creative Cloud and see if all the work that's on your device is showing up there. Let me know what you find.

          * What version of Draw are you using? And what version of Photoshop CC? (To check Photoshop, open Photoshop choose the Photoshop CC menu, then about Photoshop CC.)

          * Make sure you're signed in with the same log-in on both desktop and in the app (to make sure, go ahead and sign out of both and sign back in).


          Let me know what you find and we'll go from there. The weekend has started, but I'll keep an eye out for your answers and I'll respond as soon as I see that you've posted.



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            lukes46247691 Level 1

            Hi Sue, thanks for your response.


            I hadn't actually named the project. So it's just called 'Project'.

            It's the first thing I've attempted to create in Draw.


            I downloaded Draw a few days ago so I assume it's the latest version.

            Photoshop is version 14. 1.2 x64.


            I'm pretty sure I'm signed in on the same log-in on both. I only have one log-in, and used it to log into both at the same time before attempting to export the file.


            When you say a network connection, do you mean my internet connection?

            In my Creative Cloud assets folder I only have one file, a previous version of the image I'm working on in Draw which I tried to upload yesterday (and thought had failed).

            When I open this file in Photoshop it's really low res (72dpi) and my image is heavily pixellated, so I opened it in Illustrator (which I rarely use) and it is also pixellated, it hasn't opened as a vector?


            I've never attempted to use Creative Cloud to import/export files before now (I've only ever used Photoshop etc on my Mac, but I just bought an iPad Pro and was hoping I'd be able to work on something on my desktop, export it to my iPad and carry on working on the go, but so far I've had zero success in transporting files between the two... I thought it would be a simple process but nothing is working... not Airdrop, Dropbox, Creative Cloud etc.)



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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hi Luke.


              OK, sounds like you have a couple of different things going on:

              First, you need to update Photoshop CC; the current version of Draw will only export to the 2017 version of Photoshop CC (I think the version you're using is a couple of years old).

              Second, it definitely sounds like the app's not syncing (which is why you're unable to save a PSD). So, first tap Settings in the lower nav. On the screen that opens tap the field with your name in it. On the next screen you'll see information about syncing. What does that show?


              If it says Sync in Progress first try force-quitting the app (double tap the Home button and when you see all of your open apps, find Draw and swipe up on it). Then relaunch the app and see if it's syncing.


              Then check again to see if the app's syncing. If it's still not syncing, try signing out of the app, restarting your device, then signing back in. Then check the sync screen again and let me know. what you find.


              By the way, how is your wifi and/or data connection? Is it a good one?



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                lukes46247691 Level 1

                Thanks Sue.


                I've now updated Photoshop to the 2017 version.

                Yes it did say Sync in Progress, so I shut the app and restarted it as advised, and then it said 'All files synced', but the files still aren't in Creative Cloud.


                I tried sending the file to Photoshop and uploading it to the cloud again, and still neither works, just getting the same messages as before.


                My wifi is reasonable I believe, not amazing... if that was the issue is there no other way of getting the file to my desktop?

                Over a wired connection?


                It's frustrating as I have a deadline fast approaching and now I've done half of the work on the iPad but need to finish the illustration on my desktop and I just can't believe how much hassle it is trying to achieve something so simple.

                I hoped I'd be able to transfer files back and forth with ease.

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                  Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

                  Hi Luke,


                  How many files aren't in Creative Cloud that are on your device? Have you tried saving as PDF/PSD again? I think a reinstall of the app will solve the problem but I want to make sure you have some version of the work that isn't synced before you uninstall.



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                    lukes46247691 Level 1



                    There's only one file in my Creative Cloud, an older version of the piece I'm working on.


                    I'm worried that if I uninstall the app I will lose the piece I'm working on? As far as I know it's not saved anywhere? It seems the iPad saves all files within the apps, is that right? So unless I transfer the files elsewhere, which is basically my entire problem, I'll lose them if I uninstall the app, correct?

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                      Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

                      Hi Luke,


                      Yes. Don't uninstall the app yet. I'd like to try to get the latest version of your drawing saved at least as a PDF  before you uninstall.


                      Can you email me through the in-app feedback? (Tap Settings. Then from the menu that opens, Send Feedback.)



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                        lukes46247691 Level 1

                        I have e-mailed through the app as requested.


                        One thing that is puzzling me is that there is a 5-day-old version of the file in my Creative Cloud, so at some point it did manage to successfully save it there (although as mentioned previously when I open the file in PS it is only 72dpi and heavily pixellated, how can I open it as a vector or high resolution is Photoshop?)

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                          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

                          Hi Luke,


                          I responded to you through the in-app feedback so we can talk about this there, but a quick question: How are you opening the art in Photoshop CC? It's not sending to the desktop from the app, right? Are you just opening a .png (because that will be low-res)?