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    I can't update credit card details! What a nightmare process!


      My old cc expired and I've been trying to update cc details all morning and STILL no joy. After chatting to a support person and being told I couldn't change my payment option to PayPal anyway, he cancelled my membership so I could create a new one. WELL! There is no option for paying with PayPal (WHY???!!! I'm in Australia for Pete's sake!). No worries, I'll try the new credit card again. Oh...wait THAT DOESN'T WORK EITHER! The 1800 number isn't helping because they're only available during business hours. The chat line has a massive queue, so I've been waiting for ages to talk to somebody again...and all this - to PAY Adobe money! This is utterly ridiculous. I cannot believe I spent all morning on this >.< and still no luck. I've been using the new cc with no issues at all. What on earth could the problem be? PayPal would be the obvious solution, but there isn't an option for PayPal in the purchase screen.


      Has anybody else had this issue and how did you resolve it? Please?? I'm. Over. It