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    ColdFusion 8 Flash Remoting Socket Error

    kvanhout Level 1

      I am running a ColdFusion 8 Enterprise web application that utilizes Flash remoting. Recently we have been getting the following error in our flash.log file, and the only way to clear it up is to reboot the server:


      [Flash Remoting MX]->Connection reset by peer: socket write error


      There will be 40 or 50 of these, and then everything locks up completely. I know this is a VERY outdated version of CF (we are in the process of completely overhauling our application), but I need to try to figure this out. Not sure if either of the following settings in CF Admin would be useful?


      Maximum number of simultaneous Flash Remoting requests
      The number of Flash Remoting requests that can be processed concurrently.
      Maximum number of simultaneous Web Service requests
      The number of Web Service requests that can be processed concurrently.