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    non "certified" GPU cards with Premiere cc 2017


      So I've read so many different and contradictory things on this forum in the past few weeks regarding the use of non-certified graphic cards with the latest version of Premiere. From what I understood, adobe is no longer testing the latest NVIDIA GeForce cards, but with a minimum of 1GB of vram and the correct settings in Premiere, it is said that the GPU acceleration should work. Yet I have seen that it caused many problems to a lot of people, especially with the 2017 update of Premiere.


      I am looking to buy a PC (to work mainly with Premiere 2017) and by now I have pretty much all of the configuration figured out, except for the GPU. I don't have a large budget but I'm also not a professionnal (yet), so I was thinking of something in the GeForce 900 serie. I can't really afford a Quadro, and I don't see the point of purchasing an older and less powerful GeForce just because it is on the GPU certified list, if, indeed, a non certified card could work...


      I would therefore like to know the level of risk I would take by purchasing a non certified card and if there is any better option...

      and maybe having some reviews from current Premiere 2017 users with a recent GTX card.


      So many thanks!


      -a desesperate self-taught beginner.