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    Grid View Scrolling Issue/Doesnt Work, Lightroom


      Currently using Lightroom 6 on PC: Interesting issue with the program.

      When in Library Grid view. The left and Right hand toolbars are unscrollable. HOWEVER: you can get the left hand scroll to function if first you

      press the tab within the left toolbar that has what HD the catalog photos are on. By pressing this twice to close then reopen the tab you can

      scroll. This again stops working the very second you select a picture in the grid.

      Scrolling on both left and right toolbars does work in Loupe mode as well as in the Develop module. Only when in grid view while under the Library module it does not. Major, major announce.

      The software is a licensed version of Lightroom 6 2015/6.8

      This issue has carried on for longer than I can remember.