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    Mac: Flattening PDF - is it possible?


      I'm trying to secure and flatten files to be sold on TeachersPayTeachers. They require that PDFs be flattened and secured.


      I've been doing research for about two days on this and no one seems to be able to give an answer. It seems to be possible on a PC but not a Mac. There's a lot of discussion about flattening and the different types of flattening and that if someone is determined to 'lift' something from your PDF, they're going to anyway...but no answers on the forums.


      The type of flattening I'm after is going to basically create one layer so that when you click on it, it doesn't select the square around an image. Or allow you to highlight text. Basically an image...except if I just save the document as images through PPT, the output quality through Office for Mac is woeful (Microsoft removed the ability to export 300dpi images with the later editions of Office).


      I followed this guide, but it didn't flatten anything on my PDF - Teacher Ink: How to Flatten and Secure Adobe PDFs


      I have tried Tools > Print Production > Flattener Preview. It does nothing but drastically increase the size of the file (I'm talking at least 100x the size). The images can still be clicked and their outline highlighted and text can still be highlighted. The file is too big to upload to the sites that will shrink the file size of PDFs (and probably also compromises the copyright integrity of the file).


      I realise that copying this can be stopped by securing the file against copying and changes and I have done this. However, terms of use say that I must also flatten it so that the images themselves can't be selected.


      This similar question didn't get answered. DRM is not needed - just flattening layers.

      How do I "flatten" a document in Adobe Acrobat DC?


      Hopefully someone can help!


      Edit: I should also clarify. I went into the Layers section and there don't appear to be any layers within the document. So I can't just merge them.