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    After Effects loses preferences of audio-channels




      I use After Effects on macOS Sierra. My Audio-hardware is a MOTU 24 Ao (a soundcard offering 24 analogue outputs).

      AE shows the MOTU 24Ao in the preferences and also all 24 channels. Due to our studio I use channels 12 and 13 for stereo-output.

      Whenever I close and re-open AE again, it looses my preferences and switches back to channels 1 and 2, so I have to adjust it again.


      This did not occur on macOS El Capitan or on an earlier version of AE. I re-installed the whole system 3 weeks ago.


      I know this is a rare constellation of software / hardware / preferences, but maybe someone has an idea / solution nevertheless?

      I found nothing in the forums.



      Steffen (Berlin)



      MacBook Pro (late 2013)

      macOS Sierra (10.12.2, latest)

      AE-Version (latest)

      MOTU (Driver 2.0+71418 Firmware 1.2.8+780 - both latest)