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    Character Styles Not Working

      Hello all,

      Never have I been as exasperated with a piece of software as I am with RH 7. I've sworn by Adobe products before but this has been a tremendous letdown. Grumbling out of the way, I need to ask for some help.

      I've been able to define and apply paragraph styles successfully for FM books that I'm importing into RH. I did that according to the direction given by the online presentation provided by Adobe (that is, I've defined everything in the fmstyles.css with a dummy file, etc.).

      The problem is that my character style of bold, defined and properly mapped, is not being rendered in the output. What is behind this? Could someone provide some insight?

      I dumped variables, because I found they were being converted into bullets. I don't see conditional text working and the auto-numbering is a joke...I don't believe there's a single person out there that's able to get it to work without manipulating the FM files or working the HTML files in RH.

      I don't want to solve all these problems. I've spent too much time as it is trying to get some kind of usable output.

      I just want to know why I can't rely on the character style I've defined.

      (This was an awful rant. Forgive me.)

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          MCG1973 Level 1

          Just to add one thing here, which I find even more perplexing. I am using the dummy file and have applied the fmstyles.css to it. I understand see that Paragraph Styles are applied correctly in the rest of the topic (the rest of the FM book files).
          If my Paragraph Styles are working, then I have to assume I am correctly defining in fmstyles.css and correctly mapping from FM to RH. Strangely, when I copy and paste text from one of those FM book files into the dummy file, my Character Styles appear correctly.
          What am I missing?? Why does my Character Style work in the dummy file but not in the rest of the book/topic?
          Any help would be appreciated...