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    I truly need help!!!

      Hi all...I hope everyone is doing well and just in advance want to thank you for your help. I recently (with a template that was pre-done) creating a flash website for my business which is www.alliancedirect.net.

      I am almost completely done with it but have run into a couple of problems. First off: I have a form that is pre-done in the "about us" but I can not figure out how to make the "email" script to work within it so I created a new form and cannot figure out how to incorporate it. I used Coffeecup flash form builder to make a form and I even used some other script away from that and I cannot figure out what to do either with the coding or placing it in the flash. If anyone can help I would appreciate it...

      I am using Flash CS4 now and I do have LiveCycle designer (newest one) but I am not sure if I can have this done in this way.....again, I appreciate all your help and hopefully I can get this solved as I have spent countless hours on it. Thanks!