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    Adobe Creative Cloud app will not run/install - several known fixes failed


      Hi there!

      I will be as precise as possible, here it goes:


      System specs:

      Windows 10 1607

      16GB RAM

      GTX960 4GB



      Adobe Creative Cloud fails to install/run. There is no error code, the message reads (freely translated from German):


      "To resolve the problem, Adobe Creative Cloud is required, but it is missing or broken. Downlaoad and install a new copy her: (Adobe CC download link)"


      When I do that, the installation starts, but aborts with the same message. It's a bit of a feedback loop.


      Chain of events:

      Windows 10 Build 1607 had to rollback to a previous working configuration. I could not pin-point what caused this. The rollback was successful, but of course all application needed reinstalling. This wasn't a problem except for the ACC app (CreativeCloudSet-Up.exe).


      After encountering the issue above, I tried to uninstall the ACC in Windows Programs and Features, but the uninstall didn't start (no error messages).


      (During all the following I was logged in with my Adobe account whenever on Adboe pages and had my anti-virus/firewall shut off.)


      So, I went ahead and used the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool (from Adobe Help), setting 1 for All. The tool concluded successfully.


      After a restart I tried the ACC installer again, with the same issue.


      Browsing Adobe Help further, I tried the other Creative Cloud Uninstaller tool.


      This uninstaller finishes "successful with errors" (no codes).


      After a restart I tried the ACC installer again, with the same issue.


      Getting a bit more aggressive, I used my trusted tool REVOuninstaller, which forces an uninstall, also checking registry and other related files for deletion. In addition I manually deleted all Adobe folders from the user directory (local, roaming) and programs folders.


      After a restart I tried the ACC installer again, it runs through to 99% then aborts with the same issue.


      Going back to Adobe Help, I downloaded the Photoshop CC desktop app directly with Adobe Account login credentials used during installation:



      The installation aborted with an error, two .DLL files were missing. After googling that, I reinstalled Visual C++ 2015 and the installation completed, But with yet another error: Photoshop required the Adobe Application Manager, which was missing or damaged.


      Back to these forums, I solved this by following the steps in this post:


      (note: In step 2, I was unable to delete the folder and renamed it, but deletion was still only possible after a PC restart.)


      Photoshop is working now, so is Illustrator after downloading it drectly as well, but the ACC app error persists. I could somehow live with this, since I can use PS and AI, but I also need InDesign, which is not available for standalone download. And to be honest, what's the point in having the entire creative cloud, if one can't use it...


      Any suggestions are much appreciated!


      edit: fixed typos, then gave up :P