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    Muse bugs - bullets and slideshow

    michaelw70056450 Level 2

      I have recently discovered an issue with the way bullets display on Android in Chrome browser.


      On one site I built for a client they have changed into what look like buttons on other sites the bullets are either way oversized or way undersized.


      Does anyone know how to fix this?


      On the slideshow with the thumbnails displayed I want the thumbnails panel to stay centred on the page.


      Sadly, it will not even though I have resized it at each breakpoint to allow plenty of space. As you drag the browser the thumbnail panel stays fixed and is soon cut off.


      The only option currently is to left align the thumbnail panel on the page which looks terrible on a page which is centrally structured and symmetrical.


      Any ideas when this will be fixed or even better when are the product team will be producing a responsive slideshow?