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    Nikon D7200 - compatibility issues with Photoshop Elements 11



      I have just upgraded to a Nikon D7200 - I was aware before buying it that there can be issues with trying to use this camera's raw files with Adobe Camera Raw, especially on older versions of Photoshop Elements - so I downloaded DNG converter. However when I try to use DNG converter it tells me that there are no supported camera NEF's in the source folder, so I assume DNG doesn't support his camera, although I was led to believe it does (I downloaded v8.7)...so this is no help. I gather the D7200 IS compatible with Adobe Camera Raw v9 - however this version of camera raw is NOT compatible with Elements v11. Surely there must be some way around this? I have been perfectly happy with Elements 11 and don't see why I should have to upgrade just so I can continue shooting raw...any help would be much appreciated!