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    Lightroom CC message "no photos match filter"


      Currently have an issue with my 2016 catalog. I am running Lightroom CC on my MacBook Pro. Here are a few pieces of information to provide my current situation:


      1.  Last week my 2016 catalog worked fine and was able to see all photos.

      2.  Yesterday my 2016 catalog can only see one of my many folders.

      3.  When I choose any of the other folders the message "no photos match this filter" message.

      4.  All the photos are still in the proper locations and can be seen as the gray-out file if you want to try import. I mention this only so that I confirmed that Lightroom does see the photos.

      5.  My Lightroom catalogs are set up by year.

      6.  All other catalogs are working fine with no issues.

      7.  I did go through all the filter selections to be sure all of them were turned off.

      8.  I was in the process of finishing some client photos from late 2016 and now I have this issue which is not allowing me to get access to the folders I need.


      I would greatly appreciate any prompt feedback. As a photographer, I have certain time which I can work in Lightroom when I am not shooting. So this is a very critical issue that I need some help on. I noticed that Adobe does not have support service on the weekends.


      Kind Regards,