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    Polaroid Cube - No Sound in Premiere Elements

    photobeckie8 Level 1

      I bought my son a polaroid cube for Christmas a year ago, and for a year it has largely remained unused because of issues with the sound.  There is no sound on the videos when we open the origin file on the PC.  The only way we can get sound to work is to open the file in Windows Movie Maker, save as a new file, and then it will work and the video will play with sound.


      A few months ago my son got Premiere Elements and I was hoping Premiere elements would be able to handle/process these files.  It does not.  We get the error:  "The importer reported a generic error" and it can't open up a file directly from the Polariod Cube at all. 


      The work around I've found is to open the file in Windows Movie Maker, save it as a new file, and open this new file in Premiere Elements.  However, my son is 10 and he doesn't want to bother with this extra step, so he continues to ignore the cube and not use it. 


      Does anyone know of any type of update I might be able to do, either to the cube itself or to Premiere Elements 15, that will resolve this?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Unfortunately Polaroid is not very good at posting specs for this camera, so it's hard to know what's inside those video files.


          Are they MOV, AVI or MP4 files?


          Beyond that you'll need to download a free program called Media Info and open one of those video files in it. From the View menu, set it to Tree View and then post a screen shot of the data it displays to this forum.

          Then we'll be able to figure out if Premiere Elements or Polaroid is at the core of this problem -- and, hopefully, if it's easily fixable.

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            beezeebee@gmail.com Level 1

            I just solved my problem of the video track of footage from a Polaroid Cube not showing in Premiere (get a green screen instead), while the audio is working fine.

            The problem occurs when the footage is captured using the App!  If you film using only the button on the camera, it works fine. The only drawback is that it's stuck at 30fps at 1080p.