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    Lightroom 6.8 won't start

    JimboG210 Level 1

      Lightroom 6.8

      Mac OSX 10.11.6 El Capitan


      Lightroom 6.8 standalone won't start.  When I try to launch i briefly see the the start picture then nothing.  I have uninstalled, reinstalled a couple of times.  When I reinstall 6.0 I can get Lightroom started from the last install screen.  When I close and try to restart, it won't load.  Still won't start after I update to 6.8


      This all started out of the blue yesterday when lightroom started asking me to Log in to Adobe saying I had 7 days left on my trial. Id enter my serial number and nothing would happen.  After I uninstalled and then reinstalled I got to the state I first described above.


      Ive had Lightroom 6 installed since April of 2015 and it worked fine until yesterday


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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          wtremmel1966 Level 1



          I have seen a number of posts with the same problem, perhaps my solution helps someone else...


          Symptom was that Lightroom CC when started showed only the splash screen for half a second then terminated without an error message. This happened after a reboot of my MAC.


          After following all found advice about signing off and on and deleting files, preferences and directories (which did not resolve the problem) I found out that when logging in as a different user Lightroom starts normally. I also could open a copy my catalog as a different user.


          I was quite lost.


          Then I noticed that I also rebooted my server a few days ago. And (I guess there are not many here doing this) my Documents/ tree is usually mounted via NFS from that server. And this time it was not, for whatever reason the nfsd on my server did not run.


          Started the nfsd on my server, mounted Documents/ and Lightroom starts.


          So for whatever reason Lightroom does something inside the Documents/ folder and silently quits when it is not there (I guess error messages are overrated).


          Next for me now to find out is which files are accessed, once I know I will follow up.


          Perhaps this helps someone with similar problems.