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    Color differences between Library and Develop modules


      I completely understand that color: In Develop, LR is showing you a file rendered in its own internal color space (ProPhoto RGB with an sRGB gamma curve, also known as Melissa RGB). In Library, the previews are in Adobe RGB. It is possible that at the outer edges of the gamut you're seeing color differences. The previews are JPEGs, and in extreme cases there can be color artifacts from the JPEG compression. These artifacts previously mentioned won't be seen in Develop; however the differences both my husband and I are seeing are great. The Library view is much warmer than the Develop view. When exporting, it will produce an image that will mimic the Develop view which is good, but the frustration still remains when you are in Develop mode and scrolling over presets. The "preview" image does not give the user an accurate preview of the color and/or changes the preset will make to the working image. Is there a fix for this or can something be done to correct this issue on my computer? Please see the differences below:


      Library view and small preview window

      Lightroom Library View.jpg

      Develop view and small preview window

      Lightroom Develop View with small Preview.jpg