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    Adobe - Cancel my Adobe Stock Membership NOW!


      ***BUYERS BEWARE! Non existent chat support. No email to contact, etc.***


      I downloaded the free 10 stock photos and went to cancel as I didn't want to forget to do it later. They promised in writing you could cancel before being charged the first month for 10 free downloads. Big mistake.


      I followed the instructions but it says "Plans & Products>Adobe Stock - 10 images a month (one-year)> "You'll be able to manage this plan shortly." .... meaning nowhere to "manage" and "cancel" as described in instructions.


      Other users on this forum complained of the same problem. Adobe employees wrote "payment still processing" but this had been after the allowed "free" subscription time for some users. You said you will tell your IT department. Do the same for me please. Cancel TODAY.


      Cancel my subscription to this and anything else you may have billed to my credit card. Email my account immediate with verification this has been done. Stop wasting everyone's damn time or Adobe you will lose customers just like Dell. Your BS isn't serving you well.